A Suspicious Fire

fireThere was another stressful weekend here at the Sleepless Dad house.  I already don’t get enough sleep so when stuff like this happens, it makes it so much worse.  I just cannot believe there was a fire at my house!

As most of you know, I have been pretty sick lately.  The problem is, as they say, the show must go on.  My kids were running low on drinks and someone had to go to the store.  I wasn’t really up to it but my wife can’t see well to drive at night.  The only logical solution was that I would drive and she would go in the store.  We left the oldest in charge and drove five minutes to the Dollar General to grab some drinks.

The store is literally around 5 minutes from our house so we knew we wouldn’t be gone long.  We got there and I decided to go in anyway because I wanted some soda and we were in and out of the store.  We made no other stops and headed straight home.  I could see about a mile down from us that there were flashing lights and my first thought  was that the neighbors had gotten into another fight.  Then my instinct to worry kicked in and I sped up.

I was completely freaked out to see that they were all at our house!  I tore into the driveway and we jumped out and I ran to the nearest fireman.  He said that there was a fire.  My front door was wide open and my wife was running through the house looking for our kids.  A fireman said that the fire was in the backyard so I ran out to ask what was going on.

They told me that the kids were in a fireman’s SUV and they were all fine.  They were just in there to stay warm.  So I had my wife run and talk to them while I stayed in the back with the firemen.  They asked if we smoked and if we had smoked back there anytime recently.  I told them that, yes we are smokers but no we hadn’t smoked back there since summer time.  We usually smoke at a table and chair set on our front porch.

They pointed out that there were some strange things about the fire.  For one, our cushions to our patio set were stacked up and burned up.  I can tell you will 100% certainty that they were not stacked up back there.  Yes, they had been knocked of the deck but they were scattered.  It also spread rather quickly from the way it appeared. By the time everything calmed down, they told me that they were ruling it a suspicious fire and that they would investigate more.  At least they know it wasn’t us that started it!

I will say, the hero in this whole thing (aside from the 20+ fire and police that were here) was my oldest daughter.  She kept a cool head and called us, my dad, and 911.  She got all the kids out of the house and kept them safe and she really did everything right!  Fire and Rescue only got to my house about a minute or two before we did but you couldn’t tell by the response.  Even with only a minute or two head start, they were on top of it.  The fire was out and the situation was well under control.

I would like to thank all of the Fireman and Police officers that put their lives on the line everyday.  Our situation could have been much worse but thanks to their amazing response time, it was not.  I would also like to thank my dad, who dropped everything to make sure his grandkids were all okay.  I just hope that everything can quickly get back to normal…well at least normal for us!

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