Happy New Year Everyone

Well it’s a brand new year and I feel like I should get back on the saddle.  It has been far too long since I posted for all of you and my resolution this year is to keep it light for all you wonderful people.  Let’s just hope that, unlike most of my other resolutions, I get to keep this one!

I don’t know about all of you, but I sure am glad that the holidays are over.  When you have as many kids as I do, it is pretty stressful to make sure everyone has the same amount of gifts.  When you combine that with all the other stress’s of the holidays, it can get pretty nuts.

I was extremely happy that Christmas morning went off with out a hitch.  The kids really did love all of their presents.  My wife and I were both a little worried since there were only a couple of things that they actually asked for, but it turned out great.  The 5 year old was just as excited about everyone else’s stuff as he was for his own.

The best part was our 2 year old.  This was the year that she got to enjoy opening stuff and her reactions were priceless.  My wife and I picked up Madagascar 3 for her because she absolutely loves that movie.  We didn’t know if she would recognize it from just opening the paper so my wife and I were waiting in anticipation.  As she tore off all the paper, there was a 3 second pause.  She then looked up and us and started dancing and saying, “da da da circus”!  Our hands just shot up in the air and we both just said, “YES”!  It was exciting that she actually knew what it was.

If you ask any dad out there, we will all tell you that one of the things we hate the most about the holidays is putting all the crap together that our kids get for Christmas.  I am not exempt from this statement.  I hate putting stuff together.  I decided that this year that I was going to suck it up.  Chase and Haylie ( the 5 year old and the 4 year old) got large items with tons of pieces.  M wife put together Haylie’s doll house together and I put together Chase’s Ninja Turtle Lair.  Of course she had to show me up by finishing first, but I digress.   My point is, I think my father would be proud that unlike previous years, I put everything together Christmas day!

All in all the holidays were good to us.  It was stressful but it’s once a year and the joy that the kids have is priceless.  We all had a good time.  We laughed and played together all day.  Now we have 11 more months to get it together so we can do it all over again!

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