Production, Pizza and Peace and Quiet

Today was a pretty productive day!  As per my previous post, I did have trouble with Chase going to pre-school this morning but he was super excited when I picked him up.  He couldn’t wait to tell me about the sticker he got for being the big helper of the day.  He was also very happy I brought my brother Tyler (17) with me to get him.  Once we got home he got an even better surprise.  His grandfather  (my dad) was there for our podcast production meeting.

While the kids played outside, I got my dad familiar with the podcast equipment.  We worked on a few test recordings and played around with tweaking effects.  I really think you all will enjoy what we are going to bring to you.  My Dad is a great character and will bring a lot of humor to the show.

This is where things got a little gross.  My wife had the idea to order pizza for us all since we would be working through dinner.  I have been on a kick where I order a Hawaiian style pizza so had her order me one.  The pizza showed up after about 20 minutes and we divvied it out.  Now I am kinda weird and I eat the toppings off of my pizza before I eat the crust.  During my second bite there was a bit too much of a crunch.  I spit out the bite to find that some woman’s press on nail was baked into my food!

I was LIVID!  My stomach immediately started to turn.  I got the company on the phone and when I was asked ” How can I help you” I told him “Yes, you can check your pizza maker for a missing finger nail“.  He was confused at first but then I explained to him how I bit into a fake finger nail in my pizza and he immediately put the manager on.  I, once again, explained the situation and he was shocked.  I told him I had it right here and I could show him and he said he would like to see it too.

I hopped in the car and drove right over.  He didn’t dispute the fact that it was a nail and he said he would be looking at everyone’s fingers to see if he notices anything.  He ended up comping our meal, which was good but it didn’t help the gross feeling in my stomach.  I don’t think anything will get rid of that feeling.

It was a heck of a day all around.  When everything was said and done, I did get a wonderful gift from my Dad.  At the last minute he decided that he would take Chase (4) and Shannon (11) back to his house for the night.  Do you know what that means?  It means that my wife and I get a pretty quiet night.  The loud/spastic one and the sassy/instigator are both out of the house!  I might actually get to enjoy my night, or better yet, get some sleep!

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