Protect what you love the most!

I am sure by now most of you understand that my four year old is a little beast.  A couple of weeks ago he was staying with my parents for the night and he was being his little demon self.  He was throwing fits and demanding things.  My father has a 50′ Plasma T.V. that sits on a stand where everyone has easy access.  I informed my dad that he really should get something to protect the screen when Chase is over and he almost learned the hard way that I was right.

During one of his fits, Chase decided that he would throw a toy in the direction of the television.  Now, my father is 52 years old and on disability, but (as I was told) he hadn’t moved so fast in years.  He practically dove in front of the screen to stop it from being busted.  This motivated me to check amazon for something to help him out.  I have found an awesome screen protector for flat screens that is also anti glare!

The original price of this item is $162.00 but right now it is 68% off making it $77.00 and well worth the money if you have little ones.  They have them to fit pretty much any size flat screen and it is definitely a must have!

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