Silence is Golden!

I have always had a great relationship with my oldest daughter.  She is just like me actually.  We have the same sense of humor as well as many of our likes and dislikes.  We really get each other.  She can be a bit sassy at times but for the most part she is a good kid.  I think that since we are alike, she thinks she knows how to get under my skin.  Boy was she wrong.

This all started last week.  She thought she would be cute and mix fruit punch with other items such as ketchup, cereal, and other edible items from around the kitchen.  I told her that when I was her age I did the same thing once…ONCE!  I told her that my dad made me take a sip of it just to show me that what I had done was wasteful.  I love my father dearly and I knew he wouldn’t make me do anything that would harm me so I did it.  I got sick right there at the table, but none the less I did it.  To me, it was a good lesson so I instructed her to do the same.

She barely had a mouthful before she spit it out everywhere.  She didn’t even swallow any of it.  I told her to try again and got the same results.  I think I made my point anyway so I let it go.  Now remember, she never actually consumed any of it.  Yet from that point on she has given me the silent treatment.  She has not said a word to me for almost a week.

It has been hilarious to be honest with you.  To watch her go out of her way to not speak is very amusing.  I keep toying with her constantly.  She always asks for cucumbers from the store so I brought one cucumber home and right in front of her I tossed it to my oldest son and said “I decided to bring cucumbers to my children who talk to me”.  Then while I was out the other day I bought chocolate coins for all the kids and passed them out in front of her and said “These treats are for my loving children who love me and talk to me”.  I have been milking it to death.  I do have to say, her not talking to me has made things a little more peaceful around here.  If she isn’t speaking to me then she isn’t back talking to me or complaining to me about anything.  I now know the meaning of the phrase “Silence is Golden“.

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