Sleepless Dad Podcast: Helping with humor!

I am super excited to announce our podcast feature here on! The Podcast with be hosted by me and my father and between the two of us, it promises to be entertaining as well as informative. We deal with babies all the way up to a 17 year old (my brother), so there isn’t a topic that I am sure we haven’t experienced ourselves.

What we are looking for from you guys out there, is for you all to shoot us an email to with any topics or questions you might have. If you want your question to be anonymous, then please make sure to include that in your email. Otherwise we have no problems reading names (first name and last initial). Just remember, the faster we get your emails, the sooner the podcast can be recorded and released. We look forward to hearing from you all and sharing our thoughts, insights, and entertaining you for a very long time!

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3 Responses to “Sleepless Dad Podcast: Helping with humor!”

  1. Celeste says:

    Please have a transcript of your podcasts! I am deaf.

  2. [...] here’s your chance! is seeking submissions for podcast topics. To enter, head on over to his post, and submit your topic (or story) via email to the email address listed. You have until midnight [...]

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