Somebody Call CSI

If you are a Facebook fan, which most of you that read the blog are, then you probably saw my post the other day about my old house.  If not then to sum it all up, I returned to my old house the other day to find two broken windows and the front door kicked in.  It was a really sad sight to see but I had to push through and deal with it.

As per usual, my wife had our cell phone so I couldn’t call the cops then and there.  I tried to go to our neighbors across the street but got no answer.  The neighbors right next door where home but we never really spoke to them before.  I figured what the hell, I am just gonna ask them.

I got a weird vibe from them when they answered the door.  I know they are fine upstanding citizens so I didn’t think they had anything to do with it.  They were nice enough to let me call the police and offered a few platitudes and I was on my way.  I still couldn’t help but wonder what that strange vibe was about.

The police got there about 10 minutes later and the officer was very nice but all business.  He went around taking pictures from every angle of the damage.  He asked me all the appropriate questions and circled the perimeter.  All the while my oldest was loading the car with what was left at the house.

Between the cop and myself, we figured it was some punk kids acting out.  Coincidentally the house next door was full of punk kids.  I am not one to point fingers without evidence but to be honest these kids have been caught in our yard when we weren’t home.  They have hopped the fence as we pulled up to the house.  They also go to school with my oldest who has openly admitted that they are a rough bunch.  I politely told all of this to the officer who wrote it all down and then he left.

A few minutes later, another cop showed up.  I found this a bit odd but at least they are thorough!  This officer was way more sympathetic to our situation.  He went on and on about how awful this was.  I could tell that he was a caring person.  Not to say the other one wasn’t but he was very down to business.  The new cop took a look around and offered his apologies and he was on his way.

Needless to say, with a broken door and two broken windows, I knew I really needed to get everything else out of that house.  It took more than one load and a lot of sweat but I was able to pretty much finish up.  I had to go back the next day to get the last four things because they were larger and couldn’t fit in with the rest of the stuff.  Now I am finally through with that old house.  I am actually relieved because it has just been a burden.  Frankly, I am actually happy to be out of there.  My family has owned that house for the last 10 years and we have never had an issue of vandalism until these new people moved in.  I really hope whoever did this gets what they deserve.

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