Stuck In A Rut

Well it looks as though the sickness has finally left my house!  All I can say is, it is about freaking time.  It really has been miserable in the Sleepless household.  Thankfully we are getting back to normal.

Any of you with children, especially small children, know that when sickness takes over your house it is hard to get back on track.  I have that right now in abundance.  The problem is that I feel like it has put me in a rut.  I hate ruts!

I have so much that I need to accomplish everyday and seem to have lost the will to do them.  Maybe it isn’t a loss of will but more like an inability to get back on track.  Even making time to write this blog for you all seems to be a bit overwhelming these days.  That really sucks because I love you guys and this is my outlet.

I am stuck in this endless cycle of days that seem to keep repeating themselves over and over again.  I get up and get the kids off to school and take care of the little ones at home until 3:45.  Then the other kids get home from school and we do homework, eat dinner and go to bed.  This keeps up every single day.

It is really hard when you have 5 kids to make time for yourself or your significant other.  The only saving grace I have is that my wonderful wife works from home so we at least get to be around each other during the day,  When you have all these kids it is also really hard to get out of the house and just blow off steam.  I think if my wife and I could get a weekend away or even a single night out then maybe I could get past this rut that I am in.

The only problem with that is, my parents are the only ones who watch our kids.  They live pretty close by but they are in a bad financial situation right now and my dad has a lot of health issues.  He has been a laborer his whole like and really the only bread winner of the family so his body is falling apart.  He is on disability and there is no possible way he can chase these little ones around.  He loves his grandkids and would be around them 24/7 if he could but he just can’t anymore.  Well, at least he wants to be around them right?  Some grandparents aren’t like that…trust me I know.

I guess what this little rant boils down to is, how do I shake this rut?  If you all have any ideas please feel free to clue me in.  The good thing is, I am not depressed or anything.  I’m not even stressed as much as I used to be.  I think it is just a staleness that has overcome my house.  I just need to get back on track!

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One Response to “Stuck In A Rut”

  1. starflower1965 says:

    I totally understand where you are coming from. Funny how your family and mine so often mirror each other! We too have been fighting sickness for a month and I am still fighting it myself. Ben has a slight cough, but he’s managing to get to school and is getting recognized for hard work. I am so thankful he is adjusting well to school and that he likes it. We are blessed that he got a very good teacher!

    I totally understand what you mean when it comes to getting in a rut. I have been having more pain than usual and trying to find time to spend alone with my husband is difficult. We are on a whole new schedule with less sleep and I am in pain, so that is not a good recipe for alone time (if you know what I mean, lol)!

    You just have to force yourself to take some time for yourself and some time for you and your wife! It is necessary to remain an effective and good parent! If you don’t refill yourself, you will be dragging forever. It’s time we both make some time for our marriages. Trust me, we have raised 3 boys and we never would have made it this far had we not taken time for us. The kids pick up on any change between you as a couple and they WILL use it against you if they sense there is any weakness or problems between you. I learned a long time ago that your marriage has to come first.

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