Tired of going back and forth?

I know I am.  It seems like every few minutes my little ones are yelling to me, “Daddy, can you come change my T.V.  It always seems to come when you are just sitting down and ready to relax.  Well, i searched through amazon and came across this handy dandy little device.

It is a universal remote control made by Sony that is made just for your little ones.  It has 7 channel buttons, volume buttons and an off button.   All you have to do is set each of their favorite channels to a number and they can worry about changing the channel.  Then you don’t have to worry about them calling you all day long to find something new.  Lets face it, kids only have a few select channels they want to watch anyway.  This product is only $6.78 and that is well worth the price of serenity!

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