Why Can’t I Sleep…Tolerance

worried manHave you ever wondered why I am so sleepless?  My avid readers would probably say ” well you have all those kids so that must be it”.  Well to tell you the truth, that is a good part of it!  What a lot of you don’t know is that there are TONS of reasons that I don’t sleep.  I have decided to do a series of small blog posts each giving you some insight on the mind of Sleepless Dad.

I can’t even tell you how many times I have been laying in bed and my mind just wanders.  I have laid there for hours on end just trying to shut my brain off and get some rest.  Anyone with insomnia will tell you that it is easier said that done.  The thoughts always range from silly things that shouldn’t matter to huge life worries.  I have always been a worrier so my brain never seem to shut off.

One of the things that DEFINITELY keeps me up at night is the state of the world.  If you have kids especially, I don’t know how you couldn’t worry about that.  I worry about the typical things like wars and economics but one thing that really keeps my brain moving is the people in this world.

We all know there are nut jobs out there and sicko’s so worrying about them is a given.  Actually I worry a lot about peoples values and life philosophies.  I am gonna drop a word on you that gets thrown around a lot these days.  TOLERANCE.  I always thought that tolerance was a good thing.  I have just recently come to find out the a lot of people in this world  have a different meaning of tolerance than I do.  I always equated tolerance with acceptance.  I figured that as long as I accepted peoples differences, not necessarily agreed, then I was doing the right thing.

The problem is tolerance has turned into a way to bully people that you don’t agree with.  If I don’t agree with a lifestyle, life choice, or political issue then I am being intolerant?  I don’t think so at all!  I am a firm believer in to each their own.  I am far from perfect so as long as you aren’t putting me or my family in danger of any kind, then you live life the way you want.  I guess it just bothers me that the people screaming for tolerance are the most intolerant people I have ever seen.  If you don’t agree with their line of thinking then you are intolerant.  Everyone has their own opinions and that is their God given right. Nobody ever died from an opinion. We all have the right to disagree too.  What I think is wrong is to belittle or attack people based on their opinions.

I worry all the time that my children are growing up in an intolerant world that is masked as tolerant.  I worry that the values that my wife and I work so hard to pass on to our kids are being torn down every time they walk out of our house.  Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do about it either.  I can’t keep them locked up from the world so I have to trust that I give them the tools to make good choices.  I have to trust that they have the ability to ignore the people of the world that try to break them down.  I think I am doing a good job at this and yet I am still Sleepless.

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